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LC 9 Temperature Regulator

- Microprocessor based
- Ferrous-constantana thermocouple (J) protected input
- Regulation range 0-900 C
- Reference junction compensation
- Double six-digit display provides readout of temperature, parameters and functions
- Lexan data entry keypad
- Latest generation PID control algorithm
- Auto-reset mechanism protects against short blackouts
- Auto/manual operation
- Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switch
- Max Power 3500W
- High speed 16A protection fuse
- Adjustable max and min temperature alarms
- Dinamic set point
- Pre-heating phase variable in terms of duration, temperature and power
- 5 Led indicators for operative mode
- All possible malfunctions signalled on display
- Standby temperature
- Remote set-point
- Safety relay power circuit opening
- Reading of the current load
- Instantaneous reading of the power output
- Self tuning of PID parameters defining the proper functioning of the system
- HDB = Reporting to the load condition by reading the current
- Removable front

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- Simultaneous increase and decrease of temperature setting on multiple modules
- External alarm connection for standby temperature adjustment
- Serial RS 485 interface PC connection
- K thermo couple input
- Standards for data transmission network local Ethernet

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