DataLog P.C.S.

  • Remote monitoring of the mold while it is in production
  • Traceability of data by entering production batch number
  • Saving data in 3 files: detail, general, historical alarms
  • Data analysis by recalling the files
  • Recognition of the injection zones of the control unit off
  • Memory of all alarms
  • Saving all changes and status changes
  • Display of alarms and their frequency
  • Display of total energy consumption
  • Sending an email to report significant + alarms
  • Entering the work program (e.g. set point, alarm thresholds, etc.)

The software does not require special requirements, it can be installed on any PC with Windows 7 or later operating system. It is possible to create the connection with the control unit in two ways: Com Port: Using portable PC near the control unit IP address: (the software is installed on a remote pc - Ethernet connection)

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