LC 3500 DUAL Regulator

  • Microprocessor based
  • Thermo couple J, K protected input
  • Regulation range 0-900* C
  • Reference junction compensation
  • Double six-digit display provides readout of temperature parameters and functions
  • Lexan data entry keypad
  • Latest generation PID control algorithm
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switch
  • Max Power 3500W
  • High speed 16A protection fase
  • Adjustable max and min temperature alarms
  • Dinamic set point
  • Pre-heating phase variable
  • 2 led indicators for operative mode
  • All possible malfunctions signalled on display
  • Stanby temperature
  • Remote Setpoint
  • Safety relay power circuit opening
  • Reading of output power
  • Self tuning of PID parameters defining the proper functioning of the system
  • HDB = Reporting to the load condition by reading the current
  • Removable front
  • Key copy for multicontrol: set point, boost, standby and other parameters

Presa x Interfaccia datalog pcs(industria 4.0).
Ingresso 1 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) manda in lettura i regolatori
Ingresso 2 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) per mandare in temperatura di attesa i regolatori
Ingresso 3 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) mette in off i regolatori

Out consenso macchina quando tutte le zone sono in temperatura.

Tutti gli allarmi che genera il regolatore viene dato un segnale contatto N.O.

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