LC9 Temperature Regulator

  • Microprocessor based
  • Ferrous-constantana thermo couple (J) protected input
  • Regulation range 0-900 C
  • Reference junction compensation
  • Double six-digit display provides readout of temperature, parameters and functions
  • Lexan data entry keypad
  • Latest generation PID control algorithm
  • Auto-reset mechanism protects against short blackouts
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switch
  • Max Power 3500W
  • High speed 16A protection fuse
  • Adjustable max and min temperature alarms
  • Dinamic set point
  • Pre-heating phase variable in terms of duration, temperature and power
  • 5 Led indicators for operative mode
  • All possible malfunctions signalled on display

Technical specification: 1-96 control zones increased on demand Available in 91/2, 19, 38 cupboard or rack container with protective clear PVC door Rack drawers with function and power elements available for installation in pre-existing structures Multi-power instruments available on request Power until 8KW to zone Power supply 230V one phase 230 three phases 400V three phases + neutral 50..60 Hz frequency Thermo-magnetic general power supply switch Forced air ventilation Multipolar power supply and connector cables between resistors and thermo couples Socket for external alarm connection

Specification: Visual and acoustic alarm External alarm connector for maintenance temperature control Programmable instrument start-up

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