Touch Lemac Control

  • Practical and intuitive interface on Touch 15"
  • Software developed in windows environment (easy to update)
  • Hardware is managed by two-channel cards (Dual), practical for maintenance, interchangeable with each other (they are 16 A cards per zone)
  • Automatic creation in 2 work groups (Injector - Hot Runner) recognizable by the different color of the areas, with the possibility of creating another 6.
  • Quick and direct setting from the zone for basic functions (set point, status change, ON / off), using the keypad, with the possibility of immediately copying to the group or to all the zones.
  • View of the single area in full screen with visibility of the measurements, Current,% of work, consumption in Kwatt and setting data.
  • Three types of view - View of the temperature controllers, Measurements view, General view
  • Thermoregulator view and Measure view are scrolling through the arrows on the next page, when there are more than 24 zones.
  • 2 possibility of pre-heating Ramp with 100 simultaneous stop of all the areas belonging to the Pre-heating Injectors group guided by an area of ??the chamber, chosen automatically
  • Boost function
  • Stand-by function
  • Combined zone function (master / slave)
  • Gradual ramp up per second when the zone works manually
  • Creation of work recipes
  • Recording of work data to be managed on the network through DataLog software

Presa x Interfaccia datalog pcs(industria 4.0).
Ingresso 1 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) manda in lettura i regolatori
Ingresso 2 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) per mandare in temperatura di attesa i regolatori
Ingresso 3 (segale che arriva dalla pressa) mette in off i regolatori

Out consenso macchina quando tutte le zone sono in temperatura.

Tutti gli allarmi che genera il regolatore viene dato un segnale contatto N.O.

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