LC 3500 DUAL




  • Microprocessor operation
  • Iron-constantana thermocouple(J)protected input
  • Adjustment range 0-999°C
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Display of temperature, parameters and functions via dual 6-digit displays
  • Data setting with membrane keyboard
  • Automatic/manual operation
  • Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switching system
  • Maximum power 3500W per zone
  • Extra-rapid protection fuse FF 16 A per zone
  • Management of max and min temperature and limit temperature alarms
  • Pre-heating function at 100 °C with LED signalling
  • Alarm and diagnostic display
  • Copy button for quick settings and boost and stand-by functions on all zones
  • Automatic separation into 2 working groups with LED signalling
  • Direct display of groups with editing possibilities
  • Power circuit opening safety relay per zone
  • Load current reading per zone
  • Percentage reading of instantaneous power output per zone
  • Reading of instantaneous consumption power (KW) delivered per zone
  • Storage of the percentage value of the power supplied at steady state until a new thermoregulation is performed
  • STF= Signalling LED for temporary functions Bost,Stand-By
  • PID parameter self-learning system
  • HBD = Indication of load condition through current reading with temperature reference
  • Paired zone function Master (leader zone) / slave (paired zone)
  • Front pull-out


It is possible to create cabinets composed of a modular number of zones, generally in multiples of 12, but it is also possible to compose cabinets in multiples of 8 (up to 16).


Socket x datalog interface pcs(industry 4.0).
Input 1 (signal coming from the press) reads the regulators
Input 2 (signal coming from the press) to send the regulators to stand-by temperature
Input 3 (signal coming from the press) switches the regulators off

Out machine consent when all zones are at temperature.

All alarms generated by the controller are given a N.O. contact signal.


570X690X450 mm o Wheeled cabinet 570x1180x450 mm shelf at 690 mm

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