• Microprocessor operation
  • Iron-constant thermocouple (J) protected input
  • Adjustment range 0-900°.
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Display of temperature, parameters and functions via dual 6-digit displays
  • Data setting with membrane keyboard
  • Control with latest generation PID calculation algorithm
  • With auto-reset in case of black-out
  • Automatic/manual operation
  • Static output with ZERO-CROSSING switching system
  • Maximum power 3500W
  • Extra-rapid protection fuse 16A
  • Max/Min temperature alarm management
  • Dynamic set point
  • Pre-heating management in duration, temperature and power
  • 5 LEDs for signalling operating conditions
  • Display of any possible anomalies
  • Holding temperature
  • Remote set point
  • Power circuit opening safety relay
  • Load current reading
  • Instant power reading
  • LST = Lemac Self Tuning
  • Self-learning of PID parameters defining the correct operation of the system
  • HBD = Signalling of load condition through current reading
  • Front pull-out


Equipment features: Control zones 1-96, which can be increased on request - Execution in 9"1/2, 19" and 38" rack cabinets, also trolley-mounted and with transparent PVC protective door - Creation of rack drawers with control and power elements for insertion in existing structures - Possibility of creating multi-voltage equipment - Powers up to 8KW per zone - Power supply 230V single-phase, 230V three-phase, 400V three-phase + neuro frequency 50..60Hz - Magneto-thermal main power switch - Forced ventilation - Power supply cables and multipole connectors for connecting resistors and thermocouples - Socket for external alarm connection


Visual and/or audible alarm - Connection of external alarms for maintenance temperature management - Programmable device switch-on.


Wheeled cupboard 570x1180x450 mm shelf at 870 mm

Wheeled cabinet 570x1180x450 mm shelf at 1050 mm

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