The DataLog P.C.S. software allows the mould to be monitored remotely while it is in production, tracking the data by associating it with the production batch number and storing the production data in Excel files for later analysis.

One of the critical issues we have found is the management and monitoring of alarms: DataLog P.C.S. also allows you to keep this under control by sending email alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

The software has no special requirements and can be installed on any PC with an operating system from Windows 7 onwards. It is possible to create the connection with the control unit in two ways: Com port Using a laptop near the control unit With IP address (the software is installed in a remote PC -Ethernet connection- )


  • Remote mould monitoring while in production
  • Traceability of data by entering production batch number
  • Data saved in 3 files: detail, general, alarm history
  • Data analysis by calling up files
  • Recognition of switched-off ECU injection zones
  • Memory of all alarms
  • Saving of all changes and status changes
  • Alarm display and frequency
  • Display of total energy consumption
  • Sending an email alerting you of the most significant alarms
  • Entering the work programme (e.g. set points, alarm thresholds etc.)

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